Some years ago an enthusiastic group of volunteers began to gather articles for what would be come "Clippings". This series of books documented stories, personal recollections and tales of 'life in Coquetdale' and were read with great interest. Now a collectors item, they are a unique snapshot in time, it's a photograph that lasts forever.

In 2000, to celebrate The Millenium, another group of volunteers created 'The Millenium Book' which can be seen in Alwinton Church in it's rather beautiful oak display case, hand made by Jan Watson. This book records each household and is more a statement of us at a particular turning point in all our histories.

Now we want to carry on what is becoming a tradition of writing and recording our history by introducing ' A Coquetdale Mosaic' and to ask for contributions from YOU, because you may not think you are, but you're creating history every moment of your life.

We are indeed fortunate to have some 'professional' interest and support on this project. Stephen Baxter of Sharperton the renown, international science fiction writer, in conjuction with Harbottle Show and the Coquetdale Website we'd like to encourage you to put pen to paper.

There are 3 ways to take part

1. Your work judged by Stephen Baxter if you enter the Creative Writing Class at for more details click here Harbottle Show
2. Your work posted on the Coquetdale website.
3. Your work to be material for an archive of the History of Coquetdale.

So how about we create some history........"Once upon a time there was this very tall Yorkshireman who ruled all the known universe".........Uhm sounds good to me.

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