Red squirrels are Britains onlynative squirrel. Here in Harbottle they are still a familiar site. Unfortunately, the Red Squirrel has almost vanished from the rest of the country where the North American Grey Squirrel now dominate.

Northumberland and Cumbria are the only areas of mainland England where there are large populations of red squirrels, But even here it is clear that the reds are declining. Northumberland remains a stronghold, although the grey is invading from both the North and South.

To tackle this problem Northumberland Widelife trust employs a Red Squirrel Conservation Officer who forms part of Red Alert North East and who works in collaboration with other red squirrel conservation projects in the north of England and the Scottish Borders

Red Squirrel

Body length: 20-22cm
Ears: Tufted especially in winter
Tail: One colour all over
Body weight: 300g
Shape: Slender
Habits: Shy, spends it's time in trees

Red Alert North East is determined to fight for the red squirrels in Northumberland and County Durham. Without our help they will certainly be lost from our woodlands within a few years.

Gardens can be an important source of food for red squirrels and provide an excellent opportunity to see these beautiful animals at close quarters. It is important that this is carried out properly and a fact sheet "Feeding Red Squirrels" is available on the Red Alert Website.

We need an up-to-date picture of where red and grey squirrels can be found within the region and rely upon the public to provide a constant flow of sightings.

Grey Squirrel

Body length: 25-26cm
Ears: Never tufted
Tail: White tips around the tail
Body weight: 500g
Shape: Stocky
Habits: Bold, often seen on the ground

What should I do if I see a either a Red or Grey Squirrel ?
check the map below and note the map referece e.g. B2 then send an email to

telling him what type you saw, where and when you saw it. Please give your name, address (with post code please) and telephone number, and any other details relevant to the sighting ( alive or otherwise ) ....many thanks from Cyril (the red squirrel) !

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