Welcome to The Star Crafts Group web page.

The people of Coquetdale are indeed a talented lot. In the not too distant past communities like ours had no public transport, no one had cars like they do today, so you had to be skilled at repairing implements around the farm, You had to make things, children's clothes, toys, bedding, the men would knit their own socks and make their own walking sticks. Music, songs and poetry could be heard everywhere This "craftiness" was borne out of necessity......But now things are different, public transport, cars, street lights and running water (Tuesday's & Fridays in Harbottle), we've even got the internet.....................

The Star Craft Shop is in The Star Inn, Harbottle. Here you'll find on display a range of local arts and crafts. Each year brings a wider range of quality crafts and designs. It's well worth a visit.

Jan & Dawn Watson are stain glass specialists, they even run courses. A number of churches have been uplifted by their restoration work and their work is exported aboard.

Quilt by Carol Plater

Stain Glass by Jan & Dawn Watson

Patchwork by Marjorie Common